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Check Whether Your Email Is Amongst The 62,000 Released By Lulzsec

Now that Mediafire has taken down the list of 62,000 email addresses and passwords leaked by Lulzsec yesterday, an online outfit has come up with a widget that allows you to check whether your email was in the list.

Obviously, this suggests that they have access to that list in the first place (and were possibly amongst the 4000 or so people to have downloaded the list yesterday, which was subsequently re-uploaded last night).

The widget, which appeared on tech website Thenextweb first, doesn't apparently store mails (according to Zee from the same site) and is 100 per cent secure (we've heard that one before as well); in other words, use it (here) at your own risk.

More importantly, the widget will check your email against all of Lulzsec's publicly released email lists which amounts to roughly 150,000 names. Should your email be in the list, we strongly advise you to change your password(s) immediately.

Interestingly, another tech website Gizmodo has come up with a similar email checking tool, but given their past security credentials they are unlikely to be taken seriously, even if they promise not to store any text entered in the search box.

Meanwhile Lulzsec's Twitter account has been retweeting tweets by users who have apparently not only got hold of the list but also hacked into the accounts of complete strangers.

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