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Google Launches Online Management Tool

Google unveiled an online reputation tool on Wednesday that is meant to provide the web savvy community with a platform where they can mange their online reputation quite at ease, and with the utmost efficiency.

According to Andreas Tuerk, a product manager at Google, the new service has been dubbed “Me on the Web”, will allow users to publish information about themselves by exploiting online photo sharing services, as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tuerk also said that the new tool makes it easier for users to monitor their identity over the Web by providing easy access to resources, highlighting numerous effective ways to control online information.

Seen as a complement to online privacy, reputation management accepts that a certain amount of information about us will inevitably find its way online, and tried to ensure that information is accurate and framed in a positive light.

"Me on the Web also provides links to resources offering information on how to control what third-party information is posted about you on the web," Tuerk said, News Factor (opens in new tab) reports.

"These include common tips like reaching out to the webmaster of a site to ask for the content to be taken down, or publishing additional information on your own to help make less-relevant web sites appear farther down in search results."