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HP Palm Pre 3 cost and shipping date leaked

On-line electronic retailer has listed the latest Palm Pre mobile phone in the Hewlett-Packard Pre 3, with an arrival date of July 8th and a price attached of £349.99 SIM free and unlocked.

The HP Pre 3 was unveiled back in February, along with their webOS based tablet HP TouchPad and the much smaller Veer handset.

The Pre 3 arrives with one of the largest Qwerty keyboards seen on any previous Pre phone, with a familiar gesture area that accompanied the older Palm mobiles. The phone has a 3.58-inch 480x800 WVGA touch screen, with 16GB of storage, a 1.4Ghz Snapgragon CPU and 5 megapixel camera that’s capable of HD video recording.

The webOS on the HP TouchPad still has a similar look and ability to the past Palm mobile phones, with a fast multitasking OS that effortlessly displays multiple running applications and is able to switch between over 200 apps running at once with no lag on the phone.

HP’s Pre 3 will be the second Palm device to go on sale under the Hewlett-Packard brand name, as their TouchPad product hits the shelves a week beforehand.

One Mobile Ring caught up with HP at Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona, where we managed to capture a hands-on walkthrough in pictures of the Pre 3 here. HP Pre 3 (opens in new tab)

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