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HP And Toshiba Collaborate To Offer Cloud Computing Solutions

With an eye on tapping the growing cloud computing market, HP and Toshiba have decided to join forces and offer a set of collaborative services to infrastructure organisations.

HP will offer its IT expertise and Toshiba would contribute its knowledge related to the critical infrastructure sector. Toshiba has a significant presence in key infrastructure including transportation and energy. It is counted as a leading producer of medical equipment and manufacturer of power systems for nuclear plants.

Cloud computing is rising to prominence with several top IT firms offering competing solutions. Analysts agree that the partnership between Toshiba and HP can lead to strong synergies for both companies giving them the capacity to offer price arbitrage to their customers in the infrastructure cloud market.

“We believe that a synergistic convergence of Toshiba's rich expertise in social infrastructure applications and solutions with HP's advanced IT infrastructure, solutions and cloud services will open up ways to provide outstanding excellence in the ever-growing smart community business field,” said Toshiba vice president Toshiharu Watanabe StockMarketWire reports.