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iPad 2 Jailbreak Solution To Land Today?

The iPad 2 is the only iOS device that has not been jailbroken yet. But this could change very soon since hackers seem to have finished their work and are ready to release the iPad 2 jailbreak solution on June 17th.

The solution is reportedly called JailbreakMe 3.0 and has been developed by comex.

Comex posted a link on his Twitter account which seemed to be a flyer for the upcoming jailbreak tool, Nexus 404 reports (opens in new tab).

Although the flyer was soon removed, Internet users have been able to see that the text that read: ”iPd2jailbrokenforlife”. This could imply that the hacker has managed to develop an untethered jailbreak solution, but this is only a supposition.

iPad 2 users would definitely prefer to cling to this hope since the jailbreak solutions developed for all the other Apple products are untethered, irrespective of the iOS they run.

However, they should regard this information with a healthy dose of skepticism since the tweet where the text was posted is no longer available.

Taking into account the iOS users’ reactions, comex should keep the exploit until Apple releases iOS 5.

He could indeed wait and release two JB tools for the iPad 2 and iOS 5 at the same time which would be quite a daring strategy to follow.

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