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iPad 2 Successor To Integrate OLED Screen?

Apple could launch the iPad 3 by the end of this year and rumours are already swirling around regarding the tablet’s features. The latest suggestion is that the third generation iPad could integrate an organic light-emitting diode screen.

Tim Cook, Apple’s COO, has recently visited South Korea where he reportedly discussed with Samsung officials the possibility of integrating Samsung’s AMOLED displays in the follow-up to the iPad 2. Apple has even paid Samsung in advance for the displays, some reports (opens in new tab) claim.

On the other hand, Samsung has denied such an agreement has been made. However, should the deal go ahead, Apple would be making a wise choice by integrating AMOLED displays in its iPad 3 tablets, Mashable’s Charlie White asserts.

OLED displays are indeed thinner and lighter, offer vivid colours and faster response time but they do have a disadvantage: they tend to consume the battery faster than other displays.

The iPad 3 could be launched towards the end of this year, but this appears to be too early given the fact that Apple launched the iPad 2 in March. A more likely launch date could be somewhere in March or April 2012, given the previous release time frames Apple has instigated.

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