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Late News: Obama CIO Quits, Apple Sued Over iBook, Microsoft Concerned Over WebGL

Vivek Kundra, the Chief information Officer in the President Obama’s government, has resigned from his position, the White House announced on Thursday. Interestingly Mr. Kundra, happened to be the first ever person to be appointed as the CIO in the US federal government. He was appointed in the position almost two and a half years back in early 2009.

It seems Apple's habit of putting the letter 'i' in front of everything has gotten it into trouble again, this time with a New York publisher John T Colby for alleged trademark infringement. According to the publishing house, Apple’s use of the term iBook for its new e-book service clearly violates its trademark, The Independent reports.

With an eye on focusing on next generation titles, gaming major Sega is all set to open a new video game development studio in Britain. The new studio would be located in West Midlands and it would be headed by Sega’s technical director Chris Southall. Currently the studio has a PSVista project under works which is expected to be released by 2012.

Technology behemoth Google has tried to allay fears that the recent changes made in its search engine functions may open up its users to malicious content and other search engine exploits. The search engine giant recently rolled out a host of new search features which include the Instant Pages option that offer users results of search queries almost instantly.

Microsoft has expressed its concerns over the alleged security flaws present in WebGL, an emerging 3D web graphics standard platform, labelling it as “harmful”. WebGL is a cross platform, low level 3 dimensional graphics application programming interface developed through the joint efforts of Mozilla and the Khronos Group, with Google backing the project.

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