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Microsoft Working To Develop C++ For The Cloud

Microsoft is planning to unveil tools that should make it easier for developers to create unique application that take advantage of parallel computing architectures, whether on smartphones and tablets or in virtualised environments on the cloud, a Microsoft official announced.

Microsoft made the announcement on Wednesday at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit held in Bellevue, Washington.

Herb Sutter, Microsoft’s principal architect for native languages, told the conference attendees that his company is currently putting a dedicated effort to bring C++ programming capabilities to GPUs. He also revealed that the ultimate goal of the company is to help C++ developers to expand the scope of this model to cloud computing and multicore systems and to expand C++ in a cloud environment beyond the core group of developers currently involved in it.

"This is the first year that mainstream tablets and smartphones are dual core. We're putting a heterogeneous supercomputer on every desk, in every living room, in every pocket. It's no good if we can't write the code," said Sutter, Information Week (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) reports.

Microsoft also disclosed that it had introduced some advanced features in the new version of its Parallel Patterns Library (PPL), as well as in the C++ Concurrency Runtime.