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Microsoft's MCB Rebranded As The Windows Phone Division

According to new reports, Windows Phone maker Microsoft's MCB (mobile communication business) has been changed into the “Windows Phone Division”.

The move came to light when Andy Lees, who had been the president of Microsoft’s MCB until just a few days ago, reportedly changed the information on his bio page to 'President of the Windows Phone Division'.

“I noticed the change on the bio page for the division President Andy Lees. (Until yesterday, Lees was listed as President of MCB. He’s now President of the Windows Phone Division.),” Mary Jo Foley of ZDnet wrote in a blog post (opens in new tab).

A spokesperson from the company also confirmed the news that NCB is turning into Windows Phone Division, but asserted that only the name of the unit has been changed. Apparently the responsibilities and characteristics of the unit remain untouched by this change.

This rebranding makes sense considering how the company has been emphasising on the name “Windows Phone” to refer to its current, as well as upcoming smartphone devices.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Microsoft is preparing to equip some of its best Windows Phone developers with phones featuring the new “Mango” version of the Windows Phone OS.