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NY Publisher Sues Apple Over Use Of The Term iBook

It seems Apple's habit of putting the letter 'i' in front of everything has gotten it into trouble again, this time with a New York publisher John T Colby for alleged trademark infringement.

According to the publishing house, Apple’s use of the term iBook for its new e-book service clearly violates its trademark, The Independent (opens in new tab) reports.

This is the second such trademark infringement suit against Apple in recent days, as it was also sued by an Arizona based company for allegedly infringing the iCloud trademark. The Phoenix based company claims that the use of iCloud causes confusion over competing products in the same market.

The latest suit filed on June 15 by J.T. Colby and Co in the Southern District Court of New York claims that they acquired the trademark after the acquisition of Byron Preiss which published more than 1000 books under the iBooks brand as early as 1999. According to the lawsuit the use of iBook to denote electronic library will erode the plaintiffs copyrights on the terms ibooks and ipicturebooks, making them effectively worthless.

The lawsuit filed by J.T. Colby and Co is seeking injunctive relief and monetary damages from Apple. Meanwhile Apple representatives have not commented on the case.