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Sony Downplayed Cyber Attacks, Kept Users In The Dark

According to a recent report, PlayStation maker Sony Corp. was well aware of the massive scale of the data breach that occurred in April in the company’s PlayStation and PC Gaming Networks, but deliberately disclosed only select few details in order to sweep it under the carpet.

The revelation, which has dragged the already suffering company deeper into controversy, was made by Japan based Kyodo News on Thursday. According to the Kyodo report, the company chose to disclose only those details which may have already been leaked to the media.

However, this is not the first time when Sony has been accused of downplaying the consequences of the attacks. Sony had already went through severe criticism coming from various corners, including the US Congress for its alleged initial slow response, which the company denies by saying that it did all it could do at that point of time.

"We provided customers with a fair amount of information including the scope of personal information that might have been taken, already on April 26, U.S. time, and conducted consistent and fair disclosure in all subsequent communications," a Sony spokesperson recently commented on the issue, MarketWatch reports.