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Sony Ericsson Chooses NXP As To Supply NFC Tech

Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP has recently confirmed that leading mobile manufacturer Sony Ericsson has chosen their NFC technology for inclusion in Sony Ericsson's upcoming line of Android-based smartphones, Newsday (opens in new tab)reports.

Sony Ericsson is looking to focus more on communication and entertainment technology in their range of smartphones. With the inclusion of NFC tech, their consumers will have greater freedom when making transactions.

According to chief technology officer Jan Uddenfeldt the inclusion of NFC technology in their Android-based Xperia smartphones will enable users to broaden their communication experience. Meanwhile NXP president and CEO Rick Clemmer said that this new deal with Sony Ericsson is strong proof of the momentum and potential of NFC technology.

According to Clemmer his company is now looking forward to a two to four fold increase in revenue by the second half of 2011.

NFC technology allows people to make purchases through their phones, replacing the need to carry cash or a credit card as long as a shop has the appropriate sensor to communicate with the consumer's phone. Although there are alternatives, NFC is expected to be the main technology used for mobile payments.