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BBC Launches App For Samsung Connected TVs

Samsung has announced that it has sold more than two million of its connected Smart TVs in the last three months, on the day that the BBC brought out a dedicated news app for the platform.

Samsung's Smart TV comes with a nifty little TV Apps Store, not unlike Google's own TV service, which is gradually building momentum and allowing Samsung to add yet another unique feature to its product range.

Not surprisingly though, the App will not be exclusive to Samsung and other manufacturers like LG and Sony have lined up to port it to their own TV platforms.

Furthermore, an international version of the BBC news app is set to be launched later this year and will be funded by advertising under the aegis of BBC Worldwide.

The app itself will allow viewers to get access to the full range of content from the BBC website on their TV set, how they will actually access it remains to be seen since a remote control is not the best way to navigate a site.

Samsung also confirmed that three quarters of its TV sets sold in the UK will be web-enabled, either wirelessly or through an Ethernet port, and given that the company sells a quarter of its TV sets in the UK, it is likely that its commitment to connected televisions will encourage others to follow suit.