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Firefox 5.0 makes an appearance

Non-profit outfit Mozilla has got Firefox 5 ready ahead of schedule and has posted up the code ready for the official release on June 21.

The browser which is available from this this link for 32-bit Windows, over here for 32-bit Linux, over here for 64-bit Linux and here for Mac OS X boasts a bunch of new features, including a tweak of the 'Do Not Track' option and various improvements.

The update adds support for CSS transitions and there are improvements for canvas, HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, JavaScript, as well as better networking performance and memory management.

The update will also address a flaw in Firefox’s implementation of WebGL which could be exploited to steal user data. Microsoft threw a cat among the Web GL pigeons by claiming it wasn't secure enough for it to trust.

The pre-release figures as part of Mozilla's new release schedule which will also see Firefox 6, go into beta just a fortnight after Firefox 5's official release date.