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Google Releases Chrome 13 Beta, Promises Exciting New Features

Internet giant Google’s new offering, the Chrome 13 beta browser brings with it a lot of exciting new features and technologies. However when it comes to taking users’ overall productivity experiences to an entirely new level, perhaps very few of them can match what the print-to-PDF and the “Instant Pages” pre-rendering technology bring along with them - at least that is what the company is bragging.

The Chrome 13 beta was unveiled earlier this week, and this was when the Mountain view based search behemoth claimed that new pre-rendering technology enable “Instant Pages” to load in to the user’s system within a blink of the eyes following a click on search results.

“Instant Restaurants and Instant Elevators, but Instant Pages is available today in the latest beta release of Chrome," software engineer Chris Bentzel wrote in a blog post.

“We’ve added a few more features in this release that users have been eagerly awaiting for some time. First, we’ve added some awesome to the omnibox by suggesting partial matches for URLs and page titles from your browsing history,” he added.

Mr. Bentzel also said that though was the most high-profile site for exploiting these amazing new features in the Chrome 13 beta, other sites can also use them to their own advantages.