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Mozilla Adds Built-in PDF Viewer To Firefox, Makes Use of HTML 5

With Mozilla announcing the news of integrating PDF viewer to its latest Firefox browser, the browser war is all set to enter the very next level.

The decision to integrate a built-in PDF viewer will make Firefox the second browser after Google Chrome to include this functionality. However, unlike Google Chrome, Firefox will not rely on any API and will exclusively use HTML5 and JavaScript to display PDF files. This will eliminate the need for integrating a native-code plug-in or Adobe’s proprietary PDF Reader into the browser.

The decision to use HTML5 and JavaScript is indeed very wise, considering the pain Google Chrome browser goes through while sandboxing the PDF renderer in-order to avoid code injection attack. The use of API in Google Chrome is the primary cause of this problem. On the other hand HTML5 is a rather new technology and is completely immune to code injection attack.

This additional security feature is set to further bolster Mozilla’s hold on the browser market. Moreover, the free PDF viewer plug-in used by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been updated 5 times in quick succession which it exposes its vulnerability to cyber hackers. With HTML5 Mozilla Firefox is set to overcome all these hurdles and according to the company this feature will provide substantial usability and security enhancement for the users reports Computer World.