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Report Claims Amazon’s Self-Publishing System Is Safe Haven For Spammers

Kindle maker Amazon’s self-publishing system is known for its easy to use features and it accounts for a major stake in the wide popularity the platform enjoys. However, these same easy-to-use features have also made the digital book platform a spammers’ paradise, according to a new report.

As pointed out by a Reuters report on the issue, spammers can easily exploit these easy-to-use features cum vulnerabilities in the self-publishing system, which the poor Amazon quite thoughtfully incorporated in it with a Noble intention of allowing even the most novice users to publish their own eBooks.

Apparently, these kindle spammers does a small amount of research on topics that they think people would like to read about, and then come up with books featuring e-How-like-contents on them, and make them available on the Kindle store.

These books are usually cheap on price, almost 99 cent a copy. But when it comes to the quality, they certainly are not as per as the standard Kindle readers expect.

"This is a staggering increase. Its mind boggling," Albert Greco, a publishing-industry expert, said. "On the positive side, this is helping an awful lot of people who wrote books and could not get them published in the traditional way through agents," he added; Reuters reports.