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Surge In Data Usage Indicates Windows Phone 7 Gaining Popularity

Windows Phone 7 seem to have struck the right chord amongst Smartphone users and this is proved by the latest survey released by Neilsen which shows a big stride in data usage after its launch in the second quarter of 2010.

According to the report, average data consumption amongst Smartphone users has shown a huge increase over the last year i.e., 230 MB in first quarter of 2010 to 435 MB during the same period this year. The increase in the usage of Windows Phone 7 is quiet remarkable as it has managed to grab the top slot amongst a list of popular mobile operating system shortly after its release.

The average data usage for Windows Phone 7 has more than doubled over the last year, rising from a mere 149 MB to 317 MB primarily due to the increased usage of online services via the official Windows marketplace.

With a 113% increase in data usage Windows Phone 7 topped the list followed by iPhone which saw an increase of data usage by 86% over the last year. Android and Blackberry finished at the third and fourth position with an increase of 58% and 59% respectively over the same period.