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Taiwanese Firm Brings Out iPad 2 With 3D Display

A display manufacturer called CPT had a working prototype of an Apple iPad 2 tablet on display at its booth at the Display Taiwan event that ended yesterday.

The model they showed was clearly a heavily modified version that featured a 9.7-inch 3D glassless display with what Netbooknews reported as a very low resolution, nothing like the XGA display we're used to.

We suspect that CPT must have sacrificed screen resolution, offering half XGA (512x768 pixels) to each eye in order to present a decent 3D experience to the user.

Anyhow, the prototype is meant to be a proof of concept rather than a commercial product and may attract the attention of Apple who is already working on the iPad 3 with the A6 inside.

The latest rumours point to an iPad 2 followup with an AMOLED screen that will consume less power and offer crisper, brighter pictures.

Getting such a 9.7-inch panel on an industrial scale though is likely to be a significant technical challenge, especially if Apple is going to greatly increase the iPad's screen resolution to offer Retina Display on the tablet.

The relevance of 3D could also be questioned given the current lack of compelling 3D material on the market as well as the the current costs associated with the technology. Will Apple get 3D on the iPad 3? Possible but probably not.