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Leaked Images Of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Duo Probably Fake

Alleged photos of the Xperia Duo, the new smartphone being produced by Sony Ericsson have surfaced all over the Web, new reports revealed.

The leaked photos exhibit a device with an almost edge-to-edge display and three physical keys towards the very bottom. On closer look, the displayed keys very much look like the Home, Menu and Back keys.

The authenticity of these leaked images, however, continues to be in doubt.

“While this looks like a pretty legit photo – it's on a Sony Ericsson backboard, and the lower-case Duo name under the handset and the shadow on the Sony Ericsson logo are details that you wouldn't necessarily get on your average Photoshop job, we still have reservations,” wrote Kate Solomon of TechRadar (opens in new tab).

Solomon's report also pointed put that the date displayed on the device in the leaked image Tuesday, July 14, but July 14 will fall on a Thursday this year. So the date on the leaked image would have had to have been referring back to 2009 if it was accurate, which seems a bit odd.

She was also skeptical about the design of the phone shown in the leaked images.

“We're not sure Sony Ericsson would okay a handset that was so bottom-heavy while there's so much black space at the top,” Solomon added.