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LulzSec exposed

LulzSec, the mischief-making bunch of hackers, slackers and whackos has fallen victim to its own sort of tactics, with a blog appearing on the world-wide wibble aiming to expose those behind the outfit's antics.

The blog (opens in new tab) exposes some of the identities of known or suspected 'members' of the group and contains a load of IRC chat logs between suspected Lulzers.

The blog is the work of 'Team Web Ninjas' who write: "If LulzSec can expose security holes, We can expose their holes, How about this for LULZ?"

The blog details connections between LulzSec and fellow cannon operators Anonymous, suggesting some LulzSecs used to be - or still are - active in Anonymous, which to be fair, it doesn't take the use of too many brain cells to work out.

Some LulzSec folk are outed on the blog. Some of these have admitted having something to do with LulzSec. One, BarretBrown (opens in new tab), has written for the likes of the Guardian (opens in new tab)and the Huffington Post mainly on the subject of Anonymous operations. Nakomis is outed as Canadian Casey Gardiner while Joepie Kayla has such details as his social security number, address and phone numbers posted. Another alleged member, Topiary, has previously used Twitter to stake his claim to LulzSec adherence.

Topiary twitted (opens in new tab)the following over a week ago: "All chatlogs handed to them on a plate, stalking us for months, trying to "infiltrate" our groups, still can't name a single one of us. :("

Looks like they can now.

LulzSec responded with the following statement:

"Dear Internets,

"Herro! Recently some of you may have seen "LulzSec exposed" logs floating around. We'd like the time to say this: LOL. Those logs are primarily from a channel called #pure-elite, which is /not/ the LulzSec core chatting channel. #pure-elite is where we gather potential backup/subcrew research and development battle fleet members, i.e. we were using that channel only to recruit talent for side-operations.

"Our core chatting channel remains unaffected. Our core LulzSec team is at full strength. The Lulz Boat sails stronger than ever, nice try though.

"TL;DR we are too sexy to be sunk, hacking continues as usual, u mad bros?" monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.