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Adobe Extends Flash Builder To iOS, Android And BlackBerry

Adobe is increasingly shifting its focus to cross-platform app development, as can be seen from its latest addition of iOS and PlayBook support to its proprietary Flash Builder program.

Adobe had already lifted all restrictions on Creative Suite 5.5 in April this year and has indicated that they will help developers working with the Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms. Previous creative suite components Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 only supported Google’s OS which seriously limited the scope for application developers who use Adobe’s program to develop tools for PC and mobile devices.

Adobe’s VP of development tooling, Ed Rose announced, “With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, enterprises now need to ensure that their applications work seamlessly across many different types of devices,” PocketGamer (opens in new tab)reports.

According to Rose this change has amazed and excited developers as it has become much easier for them to design mobile application across the entire platform without having to completely re-write applications. Apps created through Flash Builder 4.5 can be distributed directly through each vendor’s apps store. Both Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 can be downloaded either as stand alone applications or as part of Creative Suite 5.5.