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Android And iPhone Data Usage Soars

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should definitely be updated because it is a bit out of date. It appears that the basic human needs have evolved and right at the base of Maslow’s pyramid the vital need to own a smartphone should be added.

According to a recent Nielsen report, 50% of Americans aged 18-34 own a smartphone and 60% of them have stated that they would rather give up their TV set than giving up their handset. Also, the same report has revealed that one American in three would be willing give up chocolate forever in order to keep their smartphones, WebProNews (opens in new tab) reports.

The average smartphone owner used 230 MB data per month in Q1 2010, while the amount skyrocketed to 435 MB in Q1 2011, the same Nielsen report revealed after having analysed more than 65,000 smartphone bills.

Android owners consume the most data, with 582 MB monthly data usage on average, while iPhone owners consume 492 MB per month. Both Android and iPhone users increased their average data usage from around 312 MB in 2010.

Windows Phone 7 data usage has also increased, while BlackBerry data consumption remained low.

Smartphone Internet browsing is cheaper now - 1 MB cost 8 cents in Q1 2011, compared to 14 cents in Q1 2010.

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