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Apparently Apple Supports Facebook’s Project Spartan

Facebook reportedly bears a grudge against Apple because the tech giant has not offered deep integrated support for the world’s most popular social networking site in iOS 5. As a result Facebook has decided to develop Project Spartan, an HTML 5 web app platform, in order to steal Apple’s App Store customers, so the story goes.

Well, that grudge appears to be nothing more than a mass-media invention because Apple may have been aware of the existence of Project Spartan after all. Moreover, the tech giant is reportedly lending Facebook a helping hand to develop the project, according to Tech Crunch’s MG Siegler (opens in new tab).

Siegler goes even further to say that Apple has no reason to fear Project Spartan because App Store customers will never choose Spartan apps over the App Store apps.

Facebook’s project could actually help the Cupertino-based company because Spartan is designed to move popular games, offered by Zynga for example, from Flash onto HTML, Siegler adds. And we all know Flash support in not available on Apple products.

It is still a conundrum why Apple refuses to integrate Flash support in its iOS since most other operating systems are Flash compatible.

Apple has not issued any comments regarding Project Spartan but again this is not surprising since secrecy is a part of Apple's ethos.

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