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The famous dating and networking website, has reportedly rejected around 30,000 of its members’ applications who were wrongly admitted to the website due to an alleged attack by a virus named Shrek.

The Denmark based website has a policy of giving membership to new people upon approval from its 700,000 existing members. The Shrek virus allowed the new members to bypass all the selection barricades in the membership procedure and get admitted without approval from its members reports PCWorld (opens in new tab).

The administrative authorities of the website reported that they got alarmed when thousands of newbies were provided membership to the website over a six week period. The damages from this virus were soon corrected and about 30,000 new members were rejected once the existing members came back into its legitimate voting module.

According to the prior beliefs of the company sources, this virus could have been an alleged move of one of its 5.5 million aspirants who have been rejected till date. But the latest investigations indicate that this could also have been an attempt of one of its ex-employees.

The Company has reportedly set-up a counselling helpline for the 30,000 members who got shocked on seeing their rejection and came to know about their ugliness according to website’s standards and its members.

On the other hand, security expert Cluley from Sophos believe (opens in new tab)s (opens in new tab) that this is more or less a publicity stunt and nothing else. He blogs, "My suspicion is that this is more likely to be a publicity stunt by BeautifulPeople than to have any basis in truth, and the world's media are falling for it."

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