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Blog Claims To Expose Key LulzSec Members

Mischievous hacking group LulzSec has fallen victim to its own tactics, with a blog appearing to expose those behind the outfit's antics.

The blog outs some of the identities of known or suspected 'members' of the group and contains a load of IRC chat logs between suspected Lulzers.

The blog is the work of 'Team Web Ninjas' who write: "If LulzSec can expose security holes, We can expose their holes, How about this for LULZ?"

The blog details connections between LulzSec and fellow hackers from Anonymous, suggesting some LulzSecs might still be active in Anonymous.

Some of those outed by the blog have admitted having something to do with LulzSec. One, BarretBrown, has written for the likes of the Guardian and the Huffington Post mainly on the subject of Anonymous operations.

LulzSec responded with the following statement:

Dear Internets,