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British Library Will Make Enormous Collection Available On Google

With an eye on making its rich collection of 17th and 18th century texts available the the world, the British Library has joined forces with search engine giant Google to display its collection.

Under this partnership around 250,000 antique and out-of-copyright books and other publications will be made available on Google for free reading. The first materials which will be made available online include Spanish inventor Narciso Monturiol's plans for one of the world's first submarines dating back to 1858 and a pamphlet about French Queen Marie Antoinette. Apart from this, the available materials would include the period of French Revolution, invention of rail and telegraph, the British Industrial Revolution, the Crimean War and more.

The strategic partnership is being hailed by both Google and British Library as a move in the direction of preserving culture and history for posterity and creating awareness among people about their historical background through the integration of historic documents with modern media, The Telegraph (opens in new tab) reports.

The British library has also announced its partnership with IT firm BrightSolid for the digitisation of 40 million pages of text to be made available for free on Google.