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Google Has Acquired DVR Firm SageTV

New reports have revealed that Google acquired the leading DVR software developers Sage TV LLC late last week.

The move has been seen by many as a part of the remedial measures taken by the search giant to strengthen its position in the ever-growing IP TV market.

The news first broke when Sage notified its customers through its website.

“As the media landscape continues to evolve, we think it's time our vision of entertainment management grows as well,” the (opens in new tab) letter (opens in new tab)read.

“By teaming up with Google, we believe our ideas will reach an even larger audience of users worldwide on many different products, platforms and services,” it added.

Sage also said in the letter that Google’s developers are primarily focused on providing a platform for Sage to deliver innovative solutions across the Web. Since the success of Sage TV was largely driven by developers, Google wants to create a foundation for advanced open technologies, which will improve online content and entertainment overall.

“We look forward to joining Google, and while we don't have anything specific to announce at this time we encourage interested developers to email [us],” the letter continued, giving an email address for anyone who wants to make contact.