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Google Retools Homepage, Search Results

According to new reports, search giant Google is currently working on renovations for its home page, as well as related changes in the search result pages. There are also reports that Google is planning to remove the “I'm feeling lucky” button from the home page.

The news was first revealed by one Twitter user named David Pierce who documented these changes, and provided a screenshot of the new Google homepage.

“My Google search page looks totally different now - is everyone seeing this?" Pierce (opens in new tab) twitted (opens in new tab).

The revealed screenshot of the renovated Google home page features additional colors in the search button towards the right. Also, the text within the same button has been removed.

The “I am feeling lucky” button was first introduced over a decade ago. The button was the outcome of the newly found confidence that the then-start-up had in its search algorithm, allowing Google to brag about its advanced and accurate search results.

"What I think is really delightful about Google and about the 'I'm Feeling Lucky', is that they remind you that the people here have personality and that they have interests and that there are real people," said Google's Marissa Mayer, (opens in new tab) CNET (opens in new tab)reports.