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Huawei unveils MediaPad Android tablet

China's biggest maker of mobile phones Huawei has dropped a second line of Android-powered tablets in the form of the MediaPad.

The seven-inch device runs Google's Android Honeycomb operating system on a dual-core 1.2GHz processor from Qualcomm and comes pre-installed with a bunch of apps including Facebook and Twitter.

It's the first tablet on the planet to come with version 3.2 of the open source operating system which is specifically tailored for seven-inch touch-screen devices.

The 10.5mm thick device seems to have 'borrowed' many of its design cues from Apple's iPhone 4 with a metal band surrounding the black glass bezel which in turn harbours a 217-pixels-per-inch IPS capacitive touch panel.

There's 8GB of on-board storage as well as a micro SD slot, 3G support out of the box (unusually, no Wi-Fi-only model is planned) and it can cope with full 1080p HD video.

Built-in cameras front (1.3 megapixels) and rear (5 megapixels), Wi-Fi and a six-hour battery complete the picture.

There's no word on pricing as yet but the MediaPad should get a global launch before the summer is out.

Finally, Huawei has released what has to be one of the most baffling promotional videos we have ever seen which we have embedded below for your edification. Be warned, it's utterly bizarre and quite possibly the worst ad we've ever seen. Apart from the Microsoft Songsmith one of course.