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Late News: Google Planning Photovine, Apple To Release New Mac Pro Soon, Google Acquires Sage TV

New reports suggest that Google may be planning to launch a new photo sharing service called Photovine. Earlier, reports surfaced online that Google had secure the trademark to the name “Photovine,” The San Francisco Chronicle reports. This move has been seen as a small part of the company’s wider strategy to counter the exponentially expanding territory of Facebook and to maintain relevance as people use social networking as much as searching to access information.

In yet another move to implement pay wall for news content, the New York Post website has debarred access to its site for Safari browsers running on the iPad. iPad users can now only access the site by using the New York Post application available for download from the iTunes store. According to a story carried by Apple Insider, the users who try to access the New York Post website from iPad will be redirected to a link for downloading the dedicated iOS application with a message explaining the reason for blocking the website and accessing it from the application.

Oracle is reportedly asking for between $1.4 billion and $6.1 billion as compensation in its lawsuit against Google for alleged patent infringement, a recent court filling revealed, Forbes reports. Oracle filed the lawsuit last year in 2010, when it accused Google of infringing on some of its Java patents in the Android mobile operating system.

Apple is preparing to launch next-generation Mac Pro and Mac Mini systems integrating Intel Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports, according to the latest rumours. The Mac Pro received its last update in July last year when Apple increased its processing speed by up to 50 percent by integrating 12 Intel Xeon processor cores. Mac Mini was last updated in June 2010 when Apple embedded an HDMI port in the system.

New reports have revealed that Google acquired the leading DVR software developers Sage TV LLC late last week. The move has been seen by many as a part of the remedial measures taken by the search giant to strengthen its position in the ever-growing IP TV market. The news first broke when Sage notified its customers through its website.

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