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LG's Latest Smartphone Leaked By Orange

Images of LG's latest device have been leaked to the press before LG had the chance to build any buzz about its new product.

The name of this mystery device is not yet known, but it showed up as part of a demonstration in a recent press conference in London which was organized by Orange.

The mystery device includes a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a set of quick launch buttons which can launch eight different applications. Strangely, it actually has two display screens: one screen as you would expect for a smart phone and one in the middle of the slide out keypad.

The most puzzling fact about the device is that it had a T-mobile logo on it, but it was showcased by Orange, another major carrier. The name of this particular device is unknown but, according to, that hasn't stopped people from speculating, suggesting that it could be either the LG Flip II or LG Maxx Q.

It is not clear if the second display screen included in the device supports all of the functionality of the primary screen or if it will offer an extra menu screen for developers to exploit. The software specs could not be determined from the images and the camera's resolution also could not be determined from the information given.