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LulzSec And Anonymous Launch Operation Antisec Together

In what could be seen as a nightmare situation emerging for IT security firms and some government agencies, the infamous hacking group LulzSec has decided to join forces on hacktivist group Anonymous to counter any efforts made to contain their activities, ABC (opens in new tab)reports.

LulzSec has decided to launch Operation Antisec which is primarily directed at government agencies and security firms attempting to restrain it from carrying out Denial of Service attacks.

The group's activities have garnered headlines across the world with its list of high profile victims ranging from government agencies like the CIA to multinational companies such as Sony and Nintendo. The group even made an audacious attempt to seek suggestions regarding potential targets from internet users by giving out a hotline number.

Anonymous on the other hand gained recognition over its campaign to castigate organisations and agencies which hampered the disclosure of information by WikiLeaks. It is generally perceived to be a more issue-focused group than LulzSec, whose targets have been partially random.

LulzSec is widely believed to be an elite offshoot of Anonymous anyways, so a partnership between the two groups shouldn't come as much of a surprise.