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LulzSec DDoS Attack Against Serious Organised Crime Agency, Website Goes Down

Hacker brotherhood LulzSec has claimed what seems to be its first British victim; the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency or SOCA has been unavailable for the past three hours after the website,, was hit by a DDoS attack.

Lulz Security announced on its Twitter account "Tango down - - in the name of #AntiSec" before adding an hour later, "DDoS is its least powerful and most abundant ammunition". The site appears to have recovered for now although refreshing it (our way of DDoSing the site) shows that it is still a tad slow.

It appears that LulzSec, Anonymous and a number of other online entities are targeting a number of governmental entities worldwide in what it calls "Operation Anti-Security".

The group gave its motivation for the action in a 'press release': "As we're aware, the government and whitehat security terrorists across the world continue to dominate and control our Internet ocean. Sitting pretty on cargo bays full of corrupt booty, they think it's acceptable to condition and enslave all vessels in sight."

Of course, the attack on SOCA is highly symbolic since the organisation is in charge of tackling serious organised crime that affects the UK and its citizens, including computer crime.