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Microsoft Bringing iPad’s Magic Interface To Windows 8

Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated a while back that the IT industry would soon enter the post-PC era thanks to all the high-performance smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks now emerging on the market.

It appears that Microsoft has kept in mind Jobs’ words while developing Windows 8. The new operating system has a revamped interface which is now based on tiles, not on icons, and reminds many users of the iPad’s interface, NewsObserver (opens in new tab)notes.

Moreover, the user-interface is touch-enabled which means that users can launch a program by simply pressing their finger on one of the tiles.

Windows 8 users can switch between programs via a simple swiping motion and a virtual keyboard is also available.

The above mentioned features prove that Microsoft has designed an OS capable to run on desktop systems, laptops and tablets as well. The tech giant has probably decided to implement these improvements following the success of Apple's iOS and OS X.

But while Apple uses two different OSes, iOS for smartphones and tablets and OS X for Mac, Microsoft hopes that Windows 8 will be compatible with all systems (desktops, laptops and tablets) thus creating a single OS for all devices.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8 sometime next year.

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