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Microsoft Gets FTC Approval To Acquire Skype

Microsoft has finally received approval from the U.S antitrust regulators to go ahead with its proposed acquisition of the world’s largest VoIP provider, Skype Limited.

According to a US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) announcement last Friday, the transaction has been approved for “early termination” of a review into the proposed acquisition process.

Microsoft had previously announced in May that it was planning to purchase Skype for approximately $8.5 billion. There have also been reports that Microsoft intends to integrate Skype support into its Xbox and Kinect gaming consoles, as well as in the Windows Phone mobile operating system.

In an attempt to dispel the fears and speculations surrounding the deal, Microsoft has assured other companies that Skype will not become exclusively accessible through Microsoft platforms and that Skype will continue to support its other corporate customers.

As explained on the (opens in new tab) FTC (opens in new tab)website, the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) act compels companies to file a pre-merger notification to the government before finalising any large-scale merger, or acquisition processes. The government then reviews the matter, and comes up with a final decision on whether or not the deal would harm consumers or make the market uncompetitive.