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More than just a meeting: The ‘feel good’ factor

As I’ve highlighted over recent weeks, a feeling of unity is crucial in business. Teams need to know about each other to work well together, informal gatherings allow workers to understand each other and develop a friendship, this makes it easier for colleagues to trust each other and collaborate together in a more cohesive way. Cracks in teams can be repaired by connecting co-workers with each other to understand differing viewpoints.

Keeping staff saves money and increases profits; recruitment and induction costs are high and essentially eat into your bottom line profit. Allowing employees to grow in their roles is the key to having high staff retention rates. Meetings make it possible to communicate directly across all levels of the organisation, they provide training opportunities and allow colleagues to share information with each other.

Employees get a great deal of job satisfaction from being appreciated, and this in turn improves their performance. When companies cannot afford to give pay rises and bonuses, feeling good about the job you do becomes more important. Company gatherings specifically tailored to focus on improving employee satisfaction, are a cheaper alternative than giving each person a rise, and in this financial climate might not be possible.

It’s worth considering the technology solutions that will make meeting virtually possible, as colleagues do not need to physically meet face-to-face for a meeting to be successful.

A great option for this are meeting tools which allow co-workers to share information in real-time, without the need to travel, whilst still feeling that you have had a meaningful interaction.

James Campanini
James Campanini is the VP & GM for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region. He joined BlueJeans Network with over 22 years networking experience and is responsible for continuing the growth of BlueJeans throughout the EMEA region.