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New York Post Raises iPad Pay Wall

In yet another move to implement pay wall for news content, the New York Post website has debarred access to its site for Safari browsers running on the iPad. iPad users can now only access the site by using the New York Post application available for download from the iTunes store.

According to a story carried by Apple Insider (opens in new tab), the users who try to access the New York Post website from iPad will be redirected to a link for downloading the dedicated iOS application with a message explaining the reason for blocking the website and accessing it from the application.

iPad users will have to download this application for $1.99 from the iTunes store. Apart from this, the users will also have to subscribe to the New York Post, with subscriptions ranging from $6.99 for one month $39.99 for half a year to $79.99 for a full year.

While the site cannot be accessed through the Safari browser on an iPad, it still can be viewed by people using a Opera Mini web browser.

While efforts to force users to pay for content seems to be a logical move on part of publishers who are already suffering from diminishing print revenues; differentiating tablet users from other internet users is a new move that other publishers are likely to watch carefully.