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Smell While You Watch TV, Is Smell-O-Vision Back?

Researchers at University of California have joined hands with Samsung Corp. for developing a new technology which will give out the aroma of what you see on your TV or mobile phone. If the technology comes into commercial usage, it will add enhanced sensory experience while you watch TV, surf a webpage or see a video on your phone.

According to the developers (opens in new tab) of the technology, the device contains a 100x100 matrix of tiny wires which heat up the required aromatic fluids filled in about 10,000 tiny containers and convert them into gas which subsequently releases the aromas due to heating up of fluids. The device is small enough to be inserted into the back of your TV or mobile phone.

This idea has been often been discussed by scientists since 1950s when this technology was being planned for movie theatres to enhance the experience of viewers. According to the researchers, the new device has been tested by using Passion perfume by Elizabeth Taylor and Live perfume by Jennifer Lopez.

However, the most challenging element of this technology before putting it into the commercial usage lies in ensuring that the electrical system heats up only the specific tiny container without setting off any other fragrances.

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