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Sony Unveils Updated Playstation 3 Console

Sony has announced the availability of an updated version of the Playstation 3 console, the CECH-3000B, which weighs less than the current model at 2.6Kg and consumes 30W less power at 170W while fitting in the same chassis.

It willl come with a 320GB hard disk drive and will cost the same as the current model; Japanese buyers will unsurprisingly receive the console first later this month and hopefully other territories will follow shortly.

The new console will also be shipped with an HDD recorder pack which will turn the device into a PVR. A 15 per cent drop in power consumption combined with a significant cut in weight could mean two things:

Firstly, that Sony has managed to get a more efficient power supply unit which consumes less power and weighs less than its predecessor.

Secondly, it may well be that the new Cell processors are significantly smaller and run at a much lower temperature than the previous generation (smaller geometry maybe?). This would allow for a smaller heatsink and a dramatic reduction in weight.

In the meantime, the price of 320GB PS3 console is gradually inching towards the £200 and can be had for around £230 at the moment. In comparison, the Xbox 360 250GB costs less than £155 and the Nintendo Wii is available for just under £100.