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VIP Start Distributing Apple Products

Apple has persuaded components and peripherals distributor VIP to start distributing Apple products for the first time in its 20 year lifetime.

According to VIP representatives the decision to include Apple products in its portfolio is primarily driven by huge customer demand. The Warrington based distributor will be primarily responsible for the distribution of desktop, tablets and MP3 players from Apple. According to Dave Stevinson, sales director at VIP, the company’s business has grown exponentially over the years and they are broadening their product list in accordance with core resellers' suggestions, Channel Web reports.

Stevinson warned prospective resellers of Apple products about the lower margin on Apple products compared to traditional PC products.

According to Stevinson, VIP is in now in a much stronger position to help its vendors leverage demands in the growing market. The distributor is actively stocking Windows, Apple and Android products in a bid to become a one-stop tablet shop.