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Analyst Claims New Outlook Phishing Scam On The Prowl, Users Beware

If you are an Outlook user who regularly uses the email client to communicate with your peers and clients then there is some shocking news for you. According to researchers at security firm, Sophos a new kind of threat is looming on the Internet which is going to cause severe damage to Outlook users if they do not give attention to it.

What caught the researchers attention at Sophos were a few unsolicited phishing e-mails doing the round, which are usually sent to Outlook users disguised as a genuine message from Microsoft Outlook.

The phishing email is tagged with the subject line, “Notification from Microsoft Outlook – Please read” which displays from address as making it look genuine.

The email urges the unsuspected user to reconfigure their Outlook settings by downloading an attachment. When the user downloads and opens the attachment the real trouble begins as they are being asked to enter their username and password.

Sophos senior technology consultant, Graham Cluley released a statement on Sophos blog stating, “Don’t make it easy for the phishers, the spammers, the identity thieves and hackers to break into your online account”. It is advisable not to open any genuine looking email which demands to reconfigure your Outlook account or enter your username and password.