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Apple Buys 83% Of 9.7-inch Displays For iPad Tablets


Apple is the main 9.7-inch display consumer, a recent report from DisplayBank suggests. It appears that the company has an insatiable hunger for this type of display, since 83% of all 9.7-inch display sales were generated by Apple last month.

There are two main suppliers that provide Apple with 9.7-inch displays, namely Samsung and LG. The two companies shipped 4.5 million units to Apple in May. The Cupertino-based giant used 5.38 million displays in the manufacturing of its iPad tablets last month. A part of the remaining 17% of 9.7-inch displays went to the HP Touchpad, but the report has not revealed the exact percentage.

This size of display is not used a great deal by many tablet manufacturers, but it appears the iPad’s success could make more tablet makers embrace the idea of using this display size for their devices to become more 'iPad-like'.

The huge display orders Apple has put to its suppliers are a clear proof that iOS tablets are selling like hotcakes and this will definitely reflect in Apple’s quarterly revenues. The company’s sales will probably exceed analysts’ predictions.

The tech giant will also launch an updated version of its MacBook Air in the near future. The device will integrate the new 10.7 OSX Lion operating system and will be powered by Sandy Bridge processors.

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