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Apple’s iOS 5 Outruns Windows Phone Mango In HTML5 Test


Microsoft has boasted that its Windows Phone Mango offers better HTML5 performance than Apple's iPhone, but some recent tests have shown the contrary.

Microsoft’s Vice-president Joe Belfiore previously tested Windows Phone Mango, Android OS, Blackberry OS and Apple’s iOS and cheerfully declared that Windows Mango was the winner, claiming that Microsoft’s mobile OS rendered HTML5 content at 24 frames per second, compared to 2 frames per second for iOS.

However, the test was biased because the iPhone 4 was connected to a Wi-Fi network while the other smartphones seemed to be connected to a 3G network.

A new test has revealed that the iPhone 4 running beta iOS 5 can render HTML5 content at 31 frames per second, Apple Insider reports. A surprising element is that test screenshots show Mobile Safari for iOS 4.3 as the browser.

Apple may have integrated full HTML5 hardware acceleration for Safari in its iOS 5, but this information has not been confirmed yet. What is clear is that the web browsing experience for Safari has been greatly improved in iOS 5 and support for the Nitro JavaScript engine is now available.

Both Windows Mango and iOS 5 are expected to be released this autumn.

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