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Apple And Samsung In Talks To End Legal Disputes

The patent war between Apple and Samsung has taken a turn as top executives from both companies are engaged in discussions meant to bury the hatchet.

The patent war was initiated by Apple last April when it accused the Samsung copying Apple's designs when it launched Android-based devices including the Galaxy Tab and the Captivate smartphone.

This accusation surprised many tech analysts as Apple is Samsung’s second biggest customer, providing $5.7 billion in sales to South Korean giant’s chip team. However, the two firms became fierce competitors after Samsung's Galaxy II snatched the top position from the iPhone 4 in the smartphone market, V3 reports.

Judge Lucy Koh, who is overseeing the case, asked both the firms to try to resolve the issue outside of court. Moreover, Samsung has been ordered to show its future designs to Apple before release, and Samsung now wants the same concession from Apple. This revised claim by Apple comes after it settled a high level patent dispute with Nokia for which Apple has to pay a royalty to Nokia for every iOS device sold.

Critics of Apple argue that this harassment is simply meant to punish competitors who choose to use Google's Android OS, which is seen as the primary rival to Apple's iOS.