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Apple Share Price Falls To Seven Month Low


Apple’s shares lost 1.5% of their value, reaching $315.32 after the Monday session, which represents the lowest closing price for the tech giant’s shares in the last seven months. To compare, Apple’s shares reached their peak on February 16th, when a single share was worth $363.13.

The share drop could be explained by investors’ lack of enthusiasm to invest in the Cupertino-based company. There are two possible explanations for this attitude: First of all, Apple has been delaying the launch of an iPhone 5, which has annoyed investors. Secondly, nobody knows who will run the company should, God-forbid, Steve Jobs no longer be able to manage Apple, LA Times blog reports.

The health of Apple’s CEO is indeed an issue, Business Insider’s tech analyst Henry Blodget concurs. Jobs’ health is more and more shaky and his public appearances have become rather rare.

“Investors are still in the dark about who will run Apple if Steve Jobs doesn't return -- as well as when this question will finally be answered,” Blodget wrote.

This situation might make investors think that Apple is in a state of "semi-paralysis", as Blodget puts it, and they will prefer to wait and see what will happen in the future before taking the decision to invest or not.

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