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Apple web site lets Time Capsule update slip

Apple seems to be losing its grip when it comes to letting news of new products slip as a page on the company's own web site proves.

The world and its Wi-Fi have heard rumours that the Mac maker would update its wireless back-up hardware, Time Machine, in the coming days, leakage not helped by an FCC filing unearthed by a number of tech news sources including 9to5 Mac.

Now Apple seems to be getting in on the act having published a holding page featuring the new 2TB and 3TB versions of the 802.11n stand-alone back-up box, although no further technical details are given. Links on the page still resolve at the old 1TB and 2TB versions previously available.

Apart from the increased capacity, the general tittle-tattle is that both versions will come with a new software update feature which will automatically download both iOS and OSX updates making them available to any connected devices immediately.