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Consumers Want iPad-like Tablets


Apple is currently dominating the tablet world - that is no secret to anybody. But why have so many non-iOS tablets failed to beat the iPad?

The iPad was the first tablet concept ever launched on the market, therefore users have taken it as a reference point. If tablet manufacturers want to sell their product more successfully they should consider designing tablets more similar to the iPad in terms of form factor, according to a recent Bernstein Research report.

“We find that consumers are not interested in form factors that deviate from the benchmark set by Apple”, the report reads.

Less than 15% of all consumers prefer 7-inch tablets, while more than 50% of them would definitely purchase a 10-inch tablet. This means that all other tablet models which offer 7-inch displays are going to fall flat. On the other hand, non-iOS 10-inch tablets have been more successful than 7-inch tablets, because they copy the iPad’s form factor.

”Consumer preference for the 10 inch form factor explains the lukewarm response to Samsung’s 7 inch Galaxy tablet and the rapid introduction of larger screen models in that series”, Bernstein Research stated.

Apple has a very powerful brand as well, since 50% of respondents stated they preferred Apple products over all the other brands, the same report reads.

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