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Decide Uses New Algorithms To Power Electronics Shopping Site

A brand new electronic shopping service called Decide has been created which claims to have the ultimate solution for those who want to purchase electronic gadgets such as cameras, televisions and laptops effortlessly and without regrets.

According to its creators, Decide uses a predictive algorithm and proprietary data to let the potential shoppers know which model to go for, and when, whether to wait for a price drop, or wait for a new model that will likely to be released soon and so forth.

"Over the past decade the Internet has empowered shoppers to know 'where to buy' with comparison shopping, and 'what to buy' with user-generated reviews,"said Mike Fridgen, CEO of in a (opens in new tab) statement on PR Newswire (opens in new tab).

"For the first time, Decide is bringing the next phase of transparency to consumers by helping them answer the 'when to buy' question, by predicting future model releases and price changes, so they can purchase with no regrets.”

The new website also claims to be able to carry out thoroughly conducted analysis of millions of devices by “mining the Web for gadget news and rumors”, as well as by deploying its state-of-the-art text mining and intuitive machine learning algorithms.