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Did Lulzsec Seize 2011 UK Census Data?

A statement apparently coming from Lulzsec claims that the group has managed to "blissfully" obtain the records of every single citizen who gave their details to the "security illiterate UK government" as part of the 2011 Census which had a deadline for completion by March 27th.

The whole of the declaration, available here, says that the data, possibly tens of Gigabytes, is under lock and key and that UK citizens shouldn't worry about their privacy until they have finished re-formatting the data for release.

The data will then be released on ThePirateBay for everyone to download and see. Filling out the Census questionnaire in the UK is a compulsory exercise that's carried out once every ten years and is supposed to be completed by 27 million homes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The last questionnaire contained 43 questions for each individual and failure to complete it could lead to prosecution and a fine of £1000. It is not known whether Lulzsec had access to the data compiled from the 26 million paper questionnaires or the one million or so that were filled out online.

The statement has yet to be validated by a tweet on Lulzsec's official Twitter account, although the last statement said that they were going to "categorize and format leaked items we acquire and release them in #AntiSec 'payloads' on our website and The Pirate Bay".